Inverted Nipple Correction

What Is An Inverted Nipple?

Inverted nipples are nipples that point inward or lie flat, rather than pointing out. It’s also called retracted nipples. It can happen in one breast or both. You may have been born this way. But if it starts to happen later in life, it could be a sign of a medical problem that needs to be checked by a doctor.

When they are pulled outward, does it quickly goes back to its original shape. Are you having trouble breast-feeding, as you can’t pull them out to breast-feed.

Perhaps your inverted nipples make you feel self-conscious and you are looking to attain a more youthful, natural nipple shape that sits higher and perkier like it used to be so you can feel more confident about the appearance of your nipples, particularly during intimacy.

Or perhaps you are planning on breastfeeding and hope that correcting your inverted nipples will make that easier

How Do Inverted Nipples Occur?

Inverted nipples are very common. They occur when the nipple does not project normally because the ducts leading to the nipple are overly tight. This causes the nipple to be pulled into the surrounding areola. In severe cases, there may even be a depression at the centre of the areola.

Inverted nipples may make it difficult or impossible to breastfeed because the nursing baby cannot latch onto the breast and bring the nipple into its mouth. In rare cases this condition may also occur in men.

What Are The Risks and Complications of Inverted Nipple Correction

Every operation has risks and complications but these are all very rare with nipple correction surgery. Such risks include infection, bleeding, loss of sensation and inability to breastfeed.

How Inverted Nipple Correction Is Performed

Inverted nipples can be corrected with a minor surgical procedure and is usually performed under local anesthetic, although some patients prefer to be totally asleep under a general anesthetic. In either case there is no pain during the procedure.

For the procedure a tiny, 2 mm incision is placed along the edge of the nipple. The overly tight ducts, which are the cause of the inversion, are then gently released. This allows the nipple to immediately project normally.

Inverted Nipple Correction Recovery

Since this is a minor surgical procedure, you will generally be released to go home, after the surgery and a few hours in the recovery room.  If patients are placed under general anesthetic, they will need to have someone pick them up and take them home.

Recovery following inverted nipple correction is very simple. Patients can start showering the day following surgery. We ask that our inverted nipple correction patients gently wash the area with soap and water regularly and then apply an antibiotic ointment.

There may be minor oozing for a few days following surgery. Usually, patients require just a light pad inside the bra for a few days. Patients may return to work the following day but should take about 2 weeks before engaging in any vigorous exercise.

Inverted Nipple Correction Results

After undergoing inverted nipple correction, patients can see the improvement right away. A single small absorbable stitch is then placed along the edge of the incision. The suture dissolves in about a week. The scar is usually invisible.

You will see the improvement in your nipple appearance right away. There will be some slight swelling and bruising for about a week after the surgery.

Most of our inverted nipple correction patients are happier about how they look both dressed and undressed, and are generally more confident in their appearance.